My scientific publications have been classified according to their main topics

Functional Ecology

Matías, L., Pérez-Ramos, I. M. & Gómez-Aparicio, L. (2019)

Are northern-edge populations of cork oak more sensitive to drought than those of the sourthern-edge? An experimental trait-based approach. Environmental and Experimental Botany 163: 78-85

de la Riva, E.G., Villar, R., Pérez-Ramos, I. M., Quero, J. L., Matías, L., Poorter, L. & Marañón, T. (2018)

Relationships between leaf mass per area and nutrient traits in 98 Mediterranean woody species are determined by phylogeny, habitat and leaf life-span. Trees - Structure and Function 32: 497-510

de la Riva, E.G., Marañón, T., Pérez-Ramos, I. M., Navarro-Fernández, C. M., Olmo, M. & Villar, R. (2018)

Root traits across environmental gradients in Mediterranean woody communities: are they aligned along a single acquisition-conservation axis? Plant and Soil 424: 35-48

de la Riva, E.G., Violle, C., Pérez-Ramos, I. M., Marañón, T., Navarro-Fernández, C. M., Olmo, M. & Villar, R. (2018)

A multidimensional functional trait approach reveals the imprint of environmental stress in Mediterranean woody communities. Ecosystems 21: 248-262

Pérez-Ramos, I. M., Díaz-Delgado, R., de la Riva, E.G., Villar, R., Lloret, F. & Marañón, T. (2017)

Climate variability and community stability in Mediterranean shrublands: the role of functional diversity and soil environment. Journal of Ecology 105: 1335-1346

de la Riva, E.G., Marañón, T., Violle, C., Villar, R. & Pérez-Ramos, I. M. (2017)

Biogeochemical and ecomorphological niche segregation of Mediterranean woody species along a local gradient. Frontiers in Plant Science 8: 1242 (doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01242)

de la Riva, E.G., Lloret, F., Pérez-Ramos, I.M., Marañón, T., Saura-Mas, S., Díaz-Delgado, R. & Villar, R. (2017)

The importance of functional diversity in the stability of Mediterranean shrubland communities after the impact of extreme climatic events. Journal of Plant Ecology 10: 281-293